Makerspace & Co-Working Space

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The Library is designing a new Makerspace at the Downtown Library. A makerspace is a community workspace where people with common creative interests, in computers, technology, science, art, electronic art, crafts, and sewing, can meet, socialize, and collaborate. The library will provide opportunities for people of all ages to create, experiment and collaborate in a self-directed hands-on learning environment.

design 03.05.2020

Some of the possible uses for the Makerspace include:

  • Digital Crafts
    • Robotics and model building
    • 3D printing
    • Laser cutting
    • T-shirt printing
    • Electronics
  • Traditional Crafts
    • Sewing
    • Quilting
    • Wet crafts (clay, paint, glue, etc)
    • Soldering
  • Media Activities
    • Digital Photography
    • Video Production
    • Virtual Reality
    • Computer Programming
    • Voice Recording

When not in use, the Makerspace will be available as a Co-Working Space for for home-office or startup workers to conduct meetings. It will have whiteboards, large screen monitors for collaboration and videoconferencing as well as an enclosed meeting room.

The City of Redwood City has committed $150,000 toward the project and the Redwood City Library Foundation is raising an additional $300,000 for the project. If you are interested in contributing towards this project, please contact the Redwood City Library Foundation