RCPL's Honey Bees

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About the Library honey bees

HiveRedwood City Public Library’s honey bees live on the roof of the Downtown Library. In the first six months of their new residency, they produced roughly 20 pounds of honey! Honey will be for sale in the Friends of the Redwood City Public Library bookstore, located in the lobby of the Downtown Library.

Two honeybee colonies live happily on the roof of the Downtown Library. You might think, what do they eat up there? Don't worry, they can fly up to 5 miles from their hive to collect food, but there are plenty of trees and other plants blooming throughout the city. Each beehive could have up to 60 thousand bees, and while many are out foraging for food, about 2/3 of the colony stays home to clean, care for the young, make honey, guard the hive, and take care of the queen bee.

The Library bees are cared for by beekeeper, Kendal Sager. Kendal has been a beekeeper since 2011 and is a UC Davis Master Beekeeper. She keeps small number of beehives throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Kendal has a passion for teaching and she loves sharing through educational talks and events. Learn more about Kendal here

Read about the Library bees in The Daily Journal and the San Jose Mercury News

Visit our Bee Wall Interpretive Center

Want to learn more? Visit the Bee Wall Interpretive Center located in the Downtown Library’s Family Place, beginning 2/5/2019.

You can see pieces of a real beehive, beekeeping tools, and the inner workings of the beehive. Did you know bees see different wavelengths of light than us? And a bee's life cycle is very similar to a butterfly, where the new adults emerge from cocoons? 

Learn about:

  • The life cycle of a bee
  • How bees collect pollen
  • How bees see flowers
  • The 3 castes of bee
  • How honey is made

The Bee Jubilee

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, we celebrated our new Bee Wall Interpretive Center. We celebrated the bees on the roof on the Downtown Library, and revealed the hands-on educational pieces on the Bee Wall. Music by The Corner Laughers! Honey for sale by the Friends of the Library Bookstore, sold out in minutes.