Art Kiosk on Courthouse Square

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Redwood City Improvement Association Invests in Art Kiosk Installation in Downtown’s Courthouse Square

-RCIA has partnered with Fung Collaboratives to create an artistic place for local artists to display their work in the community for all to enjoy-

The Art Kiosk aims to bring thought-provoking Installation Art to Redwood City, CA and the Bay Area through ten, month-long exhibitions, throughout 2019. Artists from the region and around the world have been invited to realize their ambitious site-specific commissions – often with the assistance of local volunteers, artists and vendors. Each artist has researched the City and its history and people to conceive their new temporary installation so that each exhibition is meaningful and relevant to the viewers. The initiative was conceived and curated by Lance Fung. Donated project management of the exhibition series is provided by Fung Collaboratives.

The Redwood City Improvement Association funded the initiative for 2019 through their generous grant program. Redwood City acts as the logistical partner and it’s Civic Cultural Commission awarded the project a seed grant to support collateral educational projects for participating artists in Redwood City.

For more information, schedule of upcoming exhibitions, artist talks, and all other events please visit

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Request for Qualifications & Proposals (RFQ / RFP) for Redwood City Artist

Art Kiosk Calendar

May 2019 Art Installation


Curated by Lance M. Fung
May 18 - June 23, 2019
Free public opening reception: Saturday, May 18th, 4 PM

Visitors may meet the artist and enter the camera obscura during the following hours:
Mon, Tues, Fri: 5-7:30pm
Wed & Thurs : 12-5pm
Sat & Sun: 1-7:30pm

**Save the Date: Phaan Howng opening for Climate Test is Saturday, June 29, 4pm**

About the installation

Alone is a site-specific photo based installation by San Mateo County native and artist Frank Boban. The artist will transform the ART KIOSK into a giant camera obscura for viewers to walk into and experience real time city happenings and actions. The glass facades will showcase four giant photographs of Redwood City locations and the surrounding area taken by Boban in 2019.

Alone represents the internal need and at times struggle of finding identity, purpose, and place in an ever-changing world. Boban’s work seeks to rid self-imposed sanctions, some of which are driven by the need to fit in, only to find that this painful paradox is uninhabitable. 

“The solution cannot be found outside but instead inside—they way out, is the way in. This discovery of “being” concludes with the understanding that “existence” is possible even in a world that appears, for the most part, upside down.” - Frank Boban. 

Alone transforms the ART KIOSK into a camera obscura. Images of downtown Redwood City and the Courthouse Square are projected into the kiosk with the physics of light passing through rudimentary lens produce upside down images onto the viewing screen within. The kiosk literally becomes a giant camera where viewers can walk inside and reflect on their own
personal journeys. The four large photographs of a tunnel and staircases evoke feelings of journey, searching, and the unknown—never knowing what is around the corner. In the entrance of the kiosk, an image of a draped window glows with hope and comforting providing a calm feeling that everything will be all right. The duality of this doorway image coincides as viewers step into the darkness with the idea that finding oneself doesn’t involve searching but rather internal self-reflection.

About the Artist

Frank Boban is a senior at San Jose State University finalizing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with a concentration in photography and is scheduled to graduate in 2020. He continues to learn his craft while also deepening the conceptual framework with each photograph. He has studied artists such as Bernd & Hilla Becher, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Kiki Smith which has inspired him to push his photography to go beyond the frame. He is native to San Mateo who grew up spending his summers and holidays in Redwood City visiting family. In addition to pursuing a career as a fine art photographer, Boban has a thriving on-line camera business where he advises others on equipment as well as helping them acquire the tools they need to take photographs.