Licensed Family Child Care Homes

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Kids playing in daycareAre you looking for a more intimate, home-like setting for your child? Family child care homes offer many unique qualities and services. They are licensed to care for up to 8 children (6 + 2 optional school-age) or for up to 14 (12 + 2 optional school-age).

Most infants and toddlers are cared for in family child care homes, due to the home-like setting and, often, more affordable fees. Few centers exist that serve this age group. Read more here about this important option for families.

Here is a partial list of the more than 100 licensed family child care homes in Redwood City, provided as a service to the public. The City does not conduct background checks, endorse the programs listed, nor guarantee quality or safety. We recommended you contact the state Community Care Licensing office at (650) 266-8843 to obtain the licensing history for a home you are considering.

For information about selecting quality child care, and for referrals to other homes or centers, visit