Licensed Family Child Care Homes in Redwood City

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Please note: The City of Redwood City provides this information as a service to the public. The City does not conduct background checks, endorse the programs listed, nor guarantee quality or safety. We recommended you contact the Community Care Licensing office at 266-8843 (or view online files) to obtain licensing history for a home you are considering. For information about selecting quality child care, see

The home-based childcare/preschool programs that chose to be listed here represent less than half of those licensed in Redwood City. Referrals to many others are available from 4Cs: 517-1460. Homes are grouped by area of the city:

1)  Southwest Redwood City (Woodside Rd. to Atherton border, El Camino Real to Alameda)
2)  Southeast Redwood City (Woodside Rd. to Menlo Park border, El Camino Real to 101)
3)  Northwest Redwood City (Woodside Rd. to San Carlos border, El Camino Real to Woodside border)
4)  Northeast Redwood City (Woodside Rd. to S. Carlos border, El Camino Real to 101)
5)  Redwood Shores neighborhood

All are State-licensed as Small Family Child Care Homes (up to 6 children plus optional 2 school-age) unless indicated as Large FCCH (up to 12 plus optional 2 school-age). Information below includes ages served, languages spoken, transportation from school, and any unusual/additional schedules and food services offered. Hours of operation apply Monday through Friday unless indicated.

Ages: Infant=birth to 24 months, Preschool-age= 2-5 years, Kinder=Kindergartner, SA= School-age, 1st grade & older. Phone numbers are area code (650) unless indicated otherwise.

1) Southwest Redwood City
(Woodside Rd. to Atherton border, El Camino Real to Alameda)

Beatriz Sandoval, My Baby Daycare & L.C. 207-6893  Lic. #414002283
8:00-5:30, All ages, English/Spanish

Maria Mathilde Garcia, Garcia’s Childcare. 306-9561,  Lic. #414000782
7:30-7:00, Preschool/Kinder/SA, Transp., Spanish/English. USDA Child Care Food Program      Large FCCH

Alison Accristo, Scribbles and Giggles Daycare  270-8633  Lic. #414002693
7:30-5:30, All ages, English

Stacey Quezada, Creative Kids Daycare. 320-204-0452  Lic. #414002809  Large FCCH
8:00-6:00, Infant/Preschool, 1:4 ratio, English/Spanish, Nutritious home-cooked meals/USDA Child Care Food Program

Sharon Collier, Sharon Collier Daycare. 365-5745  Lic. #414002746
7:30-5:30, Infants only, English/some German, French, Italian. No TV.

Evelyn Jimenez, Little Stars Daycare.  804-5474   Lic. #414002998
8:00-6:00, Infants/Preschool, English/Spanish

Sharmila Fernando, Sharmila Montessori House of Children. 362-3320
7:30-6:00, Preschool/Kinder, English     Lic. #414004009

Southeast Redwood City
(Woodside Rd. to Menlo Park border, El Camino Real to 101)

Martha Venegas, Venegas Family Day Care.   368-4482, Lic. #414000869
6:00-6:00, Saturdays by arrangement; Infant/Preschool, English/Spanish

Perla Flores, Silene Day Care   261-1320,            Lic. # 414002164 Large FCCH
6:00 a.m.-5:00, Saturdays by arrangement.  All ages, Transp., English/Spanish 

Francisca Leiva   364-1053, Lic. #414001405
7:30 -5:30, + Saturdays, All ages, Spanish/English

Socorro Bush, Socorro’s House Daycare  861-7863  Lic. #414002699
7:30-5:30, Infants to 36 months. English/Spanish

Celia Gonzalez, Celia’s Day Care   868-5202 /995-7712  Lic. #414002613
All ages, English/Spanish

Georgina Manzo Arroyo, Gina’s Child Care  995-6435  Lic.#414001645
7:00-6:00, Infant/Preschool/Kinder, Transp., English/Spanish. USDA Child Care Food Program   Large FCCH

Evelyn Chavez, Bela Day Care  787-2771  Lic. #414001928
7:00-5:30, Infant/Preschool/Kinder, English/Spanish. 2 meals,3 snacks (full-time) or 1 meal, 2 snacks (part-time) 

Martha Oropeza, Itsy Bitsy Daycare  544-1155  Lic. #414002916
8:00-5:30, Infant/Preschool, English/Spanish/Sign language. USDA Child Care Food Program, nutritious home-cooked meals

Sunda Benito Kaki, Nasali Daycare  266-8800 /623-1369  Lic. #414004230
8:00-6:00, Infant/Preschool, English/French/Spanish/Lingala, Food samples sent home with child.

Maria Ramos, Little Blessings Day Care  207-7003  Lic. #414004151
7:30-5:00, All ages, English/Spanish, organic food

Aida Virginia Carballo Ramos, Virginia's Home Daycare 798-4825  #414004312
7:30-5:30 (Friday 4:00), Infant/Preschool, Spanish Immersion/English. Yoga, music lessons.

Northwest Redwood City
(Woodside Rd. to San Carlos border, El Camino Real to Woodside border)

Patricia Arboleda, Breanna’s Daycare  701-0294, Lic. # 414002228
All ages, Transp., English & Spanish, Evening/Night/Weekend possible

Deborah Costa, Debbie’s Family Daycare  364-2305,  Lic. #410506619
7:30-5:30, Infant  12 mos.+/Preschool, English, Nutritious home-cooked meals/USDA C.C. Food Program

Heather Houde, Montessori Community & Family School  366-4932,
Lic. #414002459  7:30-6:00, Preschool/Kinder/SA, English  Large FCCH

Sandra McCreadie, Thistlegarten  364-6463  Lic. #414002599  Large FCCH. 
8:30-5:30, Infant 18 mos.+/Preschool, English/Spanish/French. Nut-free home.

Karen Wedel, TLC for Tots   364-1706  Lic.#414002778
8:00– 5:30, Evening/night/weekend care. All ages, English.

Reyna Moncayo, Lilian’s Child Care. 216-9442
8:00-6:00 (flexible), Infant/Preschool, Spanish/English.

Mary Coulson. 368-5262,   Lic. #410502890
7:00-5:00, Infant/Preschool, English.

Rosalee Cavanaugh, Itsy Bitsy Scholars. 366-4491     Lic. #414001797   Large FCCH
7:45-5:45. Infant/Preschool, English.

Bonnie Maffei, Bonbabes Child Care. 364-0719  Lic. #414000064
7:30-5:30. All ages, English

Gabriela Damian, Tweety Kid Care  787-8091  Lic. #414002562
8:00-5:30. Infant/Preschool/K, English/Romanian; nut-free home, organic produce, home-cooked meals

Gina Van Dusen  365-2430,  Lic. #410506725
8:00-5:30, Infant/Preschool. English. Organic food

Lorena Neal, Nini’s Nest  365-7531,  Lic. #414001313
7:30-6:00, Infant/Preschool, English/Spanish

Guadalupe Galindo, Garden of Children Day Care  771-2915 Lic. # 414002501
7:00-5:30, Infants to 24 mos., English/Spanish. Organic food

Susan Schmale  369-3407  Lic. #410509306
7:30-6:00, Infant/Preschool,  English  Mostly organic, home-cooked meals

Reneè Peralta  367-9121  Lic. #414002870
7:30-5:30, Infant/Preschool, English

Jennifer Daly, 368-3062 /787-1639  Lic. #414001883
8:00-5:30 Monday through Thursday, Infant/Preschool/K, English

Rosa Maria Figueroa, Rosie’s Family Day Care  367-6670,  Lic. #414001805
7:45-5:30, Infant/Preschool, English/Spanish, Home-cooked, organic, nutritious meals

Marcela Lagarda, Los Pequenines Home Day Care  679-8048 / 315-7122
Lic. #414002824  7:30-5:30, and Evening/Night; Infant/Preschool, Transp., Spanish Immersion/bilingual, Organic food/parents’ special nutrition instruction respected. Facebook: Los Pequenines rwc

Regina Gonzales, Gina’s Day Care  366-1773  Lic. #414000845  Large FCCH
7:30-5:00, Infant/Preschool, English

Aurora Cortes, Aurora Cortes Family Child Care  365-5682  Lic. #414002788
7:00-6:00, Evening/night/weekends,  Infant/Preschool, English/Tagalog

Pat Patterson, Pat-te-kak   701-1998  Lic. #414002169
7:00-6:00, Infant/Preschool, English

Linda Contreras, Linda’s Childcare   556-6943  Lic. #414002917
6:30-5:00, Infant/Preschool/Kinder, English/Spanish

Rosalva Rosales, La Escuelita de Rosy Childcare  787-5736  Lic. #414003021
8:00-5:30, All ages, English/Spanish

Ramona Leviste, KIDS Academy   366-7822  Lic. #414002449
7:30-5:30, Infant/Preschool, English/Tagalog/Spanish

Dina Anduha, Dina’s Daycare  369-7753  Lic. #414001132
8:00-6:00 (could be flexible), Infant/Preschool/Kinder

Andy Tran, Little Builders' Day Care  281-1556 Lic. #414003086
7:30-5:30, Infant/Preschool, English/Spanish Immersion

Mayra Plaza-Gonzalez, Lil Treasures Daycare  430-3450  Lic. #414004508
7:30-5:00, Infant/Preschool, English/Spanish, nut-free home

4) Northeast Redwood City
(Woodside Rd. to S. Carlos border,  El Camino Real to 101)

Joan Bonello, Joan’s Family Day Care. 218-7150.  Lic. #414002741
7:00-5:00, Evening/Night/Weekend care. Infant/Preschool.

Senona Passamani   556-1178, Lic. #414000160   Large FCCH
7:30-6:00, Infant/Preschool, Spanish. Nut-free, organic, home-cooked meals.

Michelle Herrera, Playful Tots Learning Center  562-7977  Lic. #414004183
7:30-5:30, Preschool/Kinder/School-age, English

5) Redwood Shores neighborhood

Catherine Zhifang Ma, Redwood Shores Bilingual Montessori Preschool, 888-7301    Lic. #414002270   Large FCCH
8:00-6:00, All ages, English/Mandarin Chinese

Stephanie Przybyszewski, Redwood Shores Montessori.  622-9472
Lic. #414001971  8:30-12:30, Preschool, English/Spanish. Snacks provided; children bring lunch. Large FCCH

Vrinda Mushran, Avid Kids Circle  740-7761  Lic. #414004280
8:00-6:00, All ages, Transportation provided, English/Hindi