Child Care/Preschool Data

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Redwood City Child Care Needs Assessment

A new Child Care Supply and Demand Analysis was recently completed for the City recently by Brion Economics, Inc. The full memo is available here.

Highlights include:

  • There's an existing estimated shortage of 225 child care/early learning spaces for infants-toddlers, 522 spaces for preschool-age, and 358 spaces for school-age children.
  • By 2025, these numbers can be expected to increase to 350 infant, 800 preschool and 600 school-age spaces, based on current supply.
  • For low-income families, eligible for subsidized care, spaces are available for 7% of infants, 86% or preschoolers and 55% of school-age children.


Below are some other sources of local data on child care and early education.

The Child Care Partnership Council of San Mateo County is directed to conduct a needs assessment and strategic plan to meet the needs of all children in the county. The most recent child care/early learning needs assessment, including county- and city-level data, is available here.

The Child Care Coordinating Council (4Cs) of San Mateo County, the resource and referral agency, maintains other types of child care data. has limited city and county data on this topic but also has a large variety and amount of other child data.