City Child Care Policy

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Redwood City policies and implementation programs that pertain to child care and early education can be found in various elements of the General Plan that was adopted in October 2010. (See the Planning Department's General Plan page for information.) Most can be found in the Building Community Element, pages BC-63 to -68. Others are in the Urban Form and Land Use and the Economic Development chapters of the Built Environment Element.

The City Child Care Coordinator works with other departments and the community to implement programs to increase the quantity and quality of child care and early education in Redwood City.

The following Child Care Policy was adopted previously by City Council on 11/19/90.

GOAL: That safe, good quality, affordable child care facilities and services be available to those who reside and/or work in Redwood City and are in need of those facilities and services.


The City of Redwood City recognizes that the availability of child care services impacts the quality of life in the city. Due to demographic, economic and social factors, including the high cost of living, increase in the number of single parents, and parents' career demands, more mothers are in the workforce and are returning to work with children at a younger age. This has created a need for child care services which has increased faster than the development of new resources. Providing safe, positive care and supervision, in which children can grow into healthy, stable and productive citizens, prevents them from becoming an economic burden on government later.

The City has the opportunity and responsibility to assume a unique role in planning for child care, coordinating services, and meeting the child care need. Though the City has limited financial resources to meet the large need, in taking leadership among public and private entities, it can maximize its own resources and leverage others which currently exist or which become available. This role maximizes the City's impact with minimal financial commitment.

The following policy statement is intended to express the commitment of the city to take a role in the support and expansion of child care services.

Policy Planning

The City of Redwood City shall integrate the child care needs of those who reside and work in the City in its planning processes. This will be accomplished by the inclusion of goals and objectives, as appropriate, in the city's General Plan, Strategic Plan, and departmental plans.

Facilitation and Coordination

The City shall take a leadership role in involving all sectors of the Redwood City community in the planning for and provision of child care and recreation services. It will work with service providers to expand services to meet the child care and early education needs of families with infants and preschoolers. The City will encourage the enhancement of program quality in all center and home child care.


The City shall focus its resources as a child care and recreation services provider, on the school-age and teen population. It will develop and implement a plan to expand services to more residents, in cooperation with other community agencies, and will ensure quality programming by providing facilities and working conditions which retain staff. The City will support the provision of child care and early education services for infants and preschoolers by other agencies.


The City shall facilitate the development and acquisition of space for child care centers and family child care homes.


The City shall maximize its use of funds currently allocated for child care activities and those available from other public and private sources for these activities. The City will be prepared to access new sources which become available or to help other appropriate community groups to access them.


The City shall serve as model to local employers by maintaining personnel policies for its own employees which help to meet child care and family needs, and encourage others to establish such policies.


The City shall support State and Federal legislation consistent with the intent of this policy and which can assist the city in pursuing the goals of the policy.