Red Morton Park Renovation

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Red Morton Old Playground photo by www.paymonhome.comProject Area & Objectives

Red Morton Park is located in central Redwood City and bordered by Valota Road, Madison Avenue, and Vera Street. The park contains sports fields, playgrounds, and several buildings. The project area includes the playground and parking lot near Valota Road, the parking lot near the CAB, pathways, and signage throughout the park for pedestrians and bicyclists, and sports field viewing areas. The project also includes improvements to the main pedestrian entrance to the park from Valota Road and street crossings surrounding the park. The project objectives are:

  1. Improve circulation throughout the park: The new design will address the connectivity between buildings, sports fields, and other amenities including neighborhood entrances to the park to improve bike and pedestrian safety to and from streets that surround the park.

  2. Build a playground that is accessible to everyone: Redwood City has partnered with the Magical Bridge Foundation to build an innovative and inclusive playground at Red Morton Park.

  3. Improve sports field spectator areas: Consider new amenities, improve bleachers, and seating areas that are comfortable, shaded places to watch field activities.

Community Workshop #1

Survey and Community Participation - The community was encouraged to take a few minutes to share feedback and participate in the project by taking the Red Morton Park User Survey. The survey provided us with input on the use of the park and preferred improvements.

Community Workshop #1 was held on Nov. 14, 2016, to further discuss the use and improvements for Red Morton Park Westside Project. Several participants raised concerns about pedestrian safety, particularly regarding Valota Road and Vera Street. Participants also requested improvements to the lighting and signage in the park. Magical Bridge Foundation shared information about the Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto.

The community meeting presentation can be accessed here

Community Workshop #2

Proposed Solutions to Pedestrian Safety and Playground Zones - Workshop #2 was held on Dec. 8, 2016 where findings from Community Workshop #1 were discussed and a preliminary master design plan was shared. The plan addressed park entrance points, pathways, and wayfinding signage. A preliminary playground layout was also discussed. Magical Bridge Foundation explained the specialized playground zones and presented options for playground equipment.

The community meeting presentation can be accessed here

Community Workshop #3

Proposed Solutions to Pedestrian Safety and Playground Zones - Workshop #3 was held on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 where the conversation of the preliminary master design plan continued. The plan addresses circulation in and around the park as well as vehicular entrances to the park. The playground layout was also be discussed.

The community meeting presentation can be accessed here

Q & A from community workshop #3

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