Stulsaft Park Off-Leash Trails

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Welcome to Stulsaft Park's Limited Off-Leash Trails!stulsaft off leash area

Stulsaft Park is the City's largest park at 42 acres.  Due to numerous public requests for allowing dogs off leash within the park, the City now allows for off-leash trails south of the creek only.  The trails are marked with signs and we need your help following rules for the safety and enjoyment for all.

It's important to note that per City Ordinance 25.2.05.C, that no one is allowed to bring more than three (3) dogs into a park at a time. This rule is strictly enforced and citations are issued.

Trails may be temporarily closed due to activities and camps, weather, restoration or heavy erosion.

Please note: The Recreation Way Gate will lock to entering foot traffic at 6pm until April 30, 2019 and will extend to 7pm on May 1, 2019.

Before you bring your dog on the off-leash trails:

Know your dog! Know your dog’s behaviors, limitations, and mastery of commands. Know that you must supervise your dog, keep your dog(s) in view at all times, and under verbal control at all times.


  • Always be on a leash outside the park gates and outside the designated off-leash trails - including the gravel parking lot at Recreation Way and Goodwin.
  • When off-leash, stay with your dog within the designated off-leash boundaries.
  • Have a current license and rabies vaccination.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social interaction; dogs displaying aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs must be leashed and removed from the park immediately.


  • Comply with posted off-leash rules.
  • Pick up and dispose of your dog's waste in an appropriate receptacle.
  • Carry a leash for each dog in your care. If requested, leash your dog.
  • Bring no more than three dogs per person to the park; three dog maximum.
  • Remain on the off-leash trails to supervise your dog, keep in view and under verbal control at all times.
  • Comply with all other park rules.

 Your cooperation will ensure the success of the program.