Mountain Lion Safety

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What to do if you spot a mountain lionWhat To Do If You Encounter a Mountain Lion

  • STEP 1: Avoid hiking alone, especially between dusk and dawn, when lions are most active.

  • STEP 2: Make a lot of noise when hiking so you won't surprise a lion.

  • STEP 3: Keep children close when hiking in mountain lion country; most mountain lion attacks are made against children.

  • STEP 4: Keep pets on leashes while hiking.

  • STEP 5: Avoid approaching a mountain lion if you see one in the distance - it may just be curious about you. Most lions avoid confrontation, so give it an opportunity to slip away.

  • STEP 6: Be prepared for a possible attack if a mountain lion is nearby, staring at you aggressively and crouching or hiding.

  • STEP 7: Stay calm and don't run if you're faced with a possible attack. Take out any weapons or deterrents (such as pepper spray), or look around for rocks and sticks.

  • STEP 8: Raise your hands or hold things above your head to make yourself appear larger. Pick children up off the ground, but don't crouch or bend over if you can help it.

  • STEP 9: Talk or yell loudly and slowly back away, maintaining eye contact with the mountain lion.

  • STEP 10: Fight back aggressively with weapons and deterrents if you're attacked, all the while trying to remain standing.

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