Bounce House Areas

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Bounce House Areas must be reserved in conjunction with designated picnic areas. Bounce House Areas are not for rent individually.

  • Bounce Houses are only allowed in designated areas in Marlin, Mezes, and Red Morton Park.

  • Permit required for use of a Bounce House. Max size of 12'x12'.

  • Only 1 inflatable allowed per Bounce House Area.

  • Only Bounce House/Jumper style inflatables are allowed. No Obstacle Course or other inflatables are allowed.

  • NO Generators. Electricity is provided. Please do not add cords or splitters to the outlet, overloads and loss of power can occur.

  • Bounce Houses must be located no more than 10 feet from the electrical outlets. Use of longer extension cords will “trip” the breaker and cause power failure.

  • Plug in only the ONE Jump House to the electrical outlet. Using more than this will cause power failure.

  • The renter or the rental company must install the jumper without driving a motorized vehicle onto the turf. They will need to use either a cart, hand-truck or similar method of transportation.

  • Stakes CANNOT be pounded into the ground in order to secure bounce houses.

  • Bounce House must be supervised by an adult at all times.