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Redwood City Pages, Book Project

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RWC Pages installedRedwood City Pages, Book Project

Redwood City Pages Book Project, created by photographer Brian Taylor, is a public art piece displayed at the City’s Downtown Library and created through the help of the Redwood City community. In 2017, the community participated in paper making and cyanotype workshops and celebrated Redwood City’s history and community through art. The free workshops were funded in part by a grant provided by the City of Redwood City’s Civic Cultural Commission. Paper created by the community was donated to the Redwood City Pages. Over 20 workshops were offered and close to 300 participants learned about three different types of paper art and the creation of cyanotypes. Read a news release with more details about the project, here.

 View the Redwood City Pages exhibition catalog here.


Cyanotype with Erin Ashford


Cyanotype is an alternative photographic process that requires treated paper, objects of your choice, direct sun, water to develop the cyan-blue print and YOU! In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the conceptual ins-and-outs of this 174-year-old process once used for copying architectural drawings and illustrating botanicals. The monochromatic prints are made using a substrate that can handle being treated with a solution of iron compounds, rinsed in a water bath and exposed using UV light or direct sun. We will provide all the materials you’ll need but recommend bringing a few objects found or otherwise to make your own unique impressions. We will give you a brief history of cyanotypes, a demonstration of the process and guidance in creating your own unique works. Each participant will receive three sheets of 5x7 treated paper, gloves and sample objects. Once your cyanotype pigment has set, you are welcome to leave your cyanotypes to fully dry or please bring something to carry the wet paper home. At the end of the workshop, we ask that you donate one cyanotype for use in a new artwork celebrating Redwood City in our Sesquicentennial year. 

Paper MakingPaper Making with Jamila Rufaro

In this fun and informative workshop, participants will create sheets of paper from cotton fibers and recycled materials. In addition to the basic technique of using a deckle and mould to make paper, you’ll learn how to add inclusions like flowers, plants, and thread into your paper to give it a more interesting look. You’ll also learn different ways to dry your paper. Each participant will take home several sheets of handmade paper that can be used for cards, scrapbooking, printmaking, drawing, painting, bookmaking, and more!

Paper making requires lots of water--wear clothing that you won’t mind getting wet. At the end of the class, some papers may still be wet. If you would like to take your damp papers home please bring a cookie sheet or a flat bottomed plastic tub at least 6x8 inches for transport. Papers that are left behind will be collected and donated to Artist Brian Taylor for use in his new site-specific commission for Redwood City’s Sesquicentennial year.