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Community Coordinating Activities Team (CCAT)

"Community Policing" describes a partnership between the Police Department and the residents of Redwood City. We work to gather to prevent crime and solve neighborhood problems. Community policing is at the heart of the City’s official approach to public safety, as community policing goes beyond traditional policing to build a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship between the police and the community.

Some of the duties undertaken by CCAT staff include:

  • Managing the Department's social media program
  • Overseeing and coordinate the Department's Homeless Outreach Program
  • Encouraging active citizen involvement in policing efforts
  • Coordinating the Volunteers in Policing Service (VIPS) Program
  • Focusing on issues of ongoing public concern
  • Providing continuity of service to the community
  • Ensuring active involvement on the part of problem-solving officers and neighborhood services coordinators in the affairs of the community
  • Encouraging beat officers, problem-solving officers, and neighborhood services coordinators to initiate creative responses to neighborhood problems
  • Developing the capacity of residents to speak and act effectively on their own behalf
  • Strengthening and building groups and organizations so residents can advocate for their own interests

Community policing calls on the community and the Police Department to work together. Each must play a specific role for the partnership to work. Community policing in Redwood City encourages residents to participate in programs and work with Police Department staff to identify problems, prioritize concerns, and develop solutions that are implemented collectively.

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Officer Jesse Castro
Community Policing Officer
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