Bingo Permit

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Bingo Permit (RCC 8A):

A Bingo Permit is intended to enable nonprofit organizations organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, and to enable senior citizen organizations to conduct bingo games.



Bingo Game: Is a game of chance in which a prize or prizes are awarded on the basis of a designated alignment of numbers or symbols on a card which conforms to numbers or symbols selected at random. Prizes not to exceed $250.

Bingo Session: Is a single gathering or occasion at which a series of successive bingo games are played; provided that the duration of a session shall not exceed six (6) consecutive hours. A session will not be conducted between the hours of one minute after twelve o'clock (12:01) midnight and eleven o'clock (11:00) A.M.  No more than three (3) sessions in a seven (7) day period at any one location and no more than two (2) sessions conducted in a seven (7) day period by any one organization.

Nonprofit Organization: Are those organizations exempted from payment of the bank and corporation tax by sections 23701(a), 23701(b), 23701(e), 23701(f) and 23701(l) of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, mobile home park associations, and senior citizen organizations.

Premises: Is any room, hall, street address, enclosure, or area in which bingo is played.

Senior Citizen Organization: Are only those organizations which contain a minimum of twenty (20) members, each of which members must be at least fifty (50) years of age, and the purpose of which organization is to provide educational and recreational activities for its members.

Bingo Permit Process

  1. Ensure your organization meets the requirements outlined in the Redwood City Municipal Code described above (RCMC section 8A) which outlines all of the requirements.
  2. Complete a Bingo Permit application [PDF] and turn it in to the front counter at the Police Department.
  3. Supply a certificate of tax exempt status from State Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service (Senior citizen groups are exempt from this requirement).
A permit may be renewed annually, or a new permit issued, upon compliance with the requirements of RCMC 8A pertaining to the issuance of an initial permit.