Crime Fighting Technology

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license plate reader

Automated License Plate Readers

The Redwood City Police Department utilizes automated license plate reader (ALPRs) technology to better safeguard our community. The ALPR technology has been instrumental in locating stolen vehicles, missing persons and wanted violent felons. This technology is also used to identify crime trends and provide leads to investigators. The ALPR system does not retain private information. The data from the ALPRs is uploaded and retained by the Northern California Regional Crime Information Center (NCRIC). NCRIC has a thorough policy and privacy impact assessment to assure the public of Law Enforcements ethical use of this data.

ShotSpotter Technology

The Redwood City Police utilizes the ShotSpotter technology to detect gunfire and notify dispatchers and officers of the location of gunfire in real-time. The technology detects gunfire when a gun is discharged, protects officers with increased tactical awareness, and connects law enforcement agencies to the community and to their mission to protect and serve. The real-time digital alerts include a precise location on a map (latitude/longitude) with corresponding metadata such as the address, number of rounds fired, type of gunfire, etc. delivered to any browser-enabled device or mobile device.


Redwood City Police Department ALPR Policy

NCRIC Policy


NCRIC Privacy Impact Assessment

Shotspotter Fact Sheet