Dance Permit

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Dance  Permit (RCMC 4.15)

danceIt shall be unlawful for any person to conduct or operate a public dance, to permit dancing by the public in any establishment operated by such person and open to the general public or to sell tickets for any public dance unless either a public dance permit or a yearly public dance permit is first secured.  A private dance does not need a permit if you are not charging admission and the dance is closed to the general public.

Dance Permit Process

  1. Complete a dance permit application [PDF] and turn it in at the front counter at the Redwood City Police Department. 
  2. The applicant may pick up a dance permit application at the front counter or you may send them a dance permit application (Attachment 1).  Also located at: G:\Admin Sergeant\Permits\Dance Permits.
  3. Upon return receipt of the application it will be checked for accuracy and completeness. 
  4. If the dance must not be in conflict with or violate any building, health, safety, zoning or other law, ordinance or regulation.
  5. The venue must be structurally sound and allow for the number of people anticipated to attend the dance.  (Fire Marshall does a physical inspection of the premises).
  6. If food to be served the County Health Inspector must inspect and approve the premises. (It is up to the applicant to contact the County Health Inspector).
  7. The proximity of the dance location to residential property must not disturb the quiet enjoyment of the occupants of such residential property.
  8. No permit shall be issued in the event it is determined that the applicant for a proposed permit has violated the provisions of RCMC 4.15.
  9. A permit may be issued subject to such conditions as are deemed necessary to protect the safety of people attending the dance and the residents and property owners of the surrounding neighborhood.