Leadership Program

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The Department Delivers the Redwood City Police Leadership Program

In April 2013, the Redwood City Police Department first began instruction of the Redwood City Police Leadership Program (RCPLP). This 12-month course seeks to develop practical skill sets associated to program/project management, performance assessments, teaming, and leadership strategies to newly promoted supervisors and commanders. One year later, all course participants, six sergeants, three lieutenants, a captain and a communications manager completed this course.

The Redwood City Police Leadership Program was developed and is facilitated by two senior command officers, each having over 29 years of experience in municipal law enforcement. Participants of the Program meet for a full day each month to receive lectures, participate in practical exercises and hear guest speakers discuss leadership strategies and theories within the context of the law enforcement profession. Each monthly instructional block builds on the last while incorporating leadership materials derived from various military and university graduate school leadership curricula. Participants also receive structured mentoring from senior commanders throughout the program who guide them as they select and complete a visionary capstone project that is directly related to their work assignments.

The latest iteration of the course includes a condensed six-month curriculum, which has focuses on a methods supervisors will use to build high-performing teams and how to improve underperforming teams and individuals. Concurrently, participants will be also guided through the process of effective project management, so that they will be more likely to produce tangible results within a given timeframe. A variant of the RCPLP is now under development, which will be offered to officers at the line level to ensure that leadership skills are developed early and thoroughly at all organizational levels.

For more information on the Redwood City Police Leadership Program, please contact the program, facilitator Captain John Spicer at 650-780-7130.