Solicitor Permit

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SOLICITOR: The word "solicitor" shall be defined as any person, including salesman or vendor, who engages in the business of going from house to house, place to place, or in or along the streets within the City, selling or taking orders for, or offering to sell or take orders for goods, wares, merchandise, newspapers, magazines or services or other thing of value, for future delivery or for services to be performed in the future, to persons other than manufacturers, wholesalers, jobbers or retailers in such commodities or services. 

EXEMPTION:  Solicitors who wish to do door to door solicitation on behalf of a charitable, political or religious group (even if it involves sales or exchange of money) then legally the City can’t require identification, permit requirement, background check, etc.


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Solicitor Permit






Solicitor Permit Hours of Validity: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (RCC 28.10) 

This Permit is not valid within the designated perimeter of special events in the downtown area or Courthouse Square.

Solicitor Permit holders are also required to have a City of Redwood City Business License if necessary.