Vendor Permit

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VENDOR:  There is no municipal code definition for how the City, and more importantly, the police department delineates between a vendor and a peddler.  A Vendor, for the purposes of licensing, is a food truck, wagon or cart where the food to be sold is prepared on site.  No person shall park or leave standing any food truck, wagon or cart, upon any portion of any street within this City, except that such vehicles may stand or park only at the request of a bona fide purchaser, or patron of a vehicle for hire, for a period of time not to exceed thirty (30) consecutive minutes at any one place without a permit issued by the Chief of Police. For purposes of this Division, such vehicle shall be considered to have been parked or left standing for a period exceeding thirty (30) consecutive minutes if such vehicle has not been moved at least five hundred feet (500′) or more during said thirty (30) minutes, or has moved at least five hundred feet (500′) and returns to its prior position within any four (4) hour period. 


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Vendor Permit






Vendor Permit

Vendor Permit Hours of Validity: 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (RCC 28.10) 

This Permit is not valid within the designated perimeter of Special Events in the downtown area or Courthouse Square.

Vendor Permit holders are also required to have a City of Redwood City Business License.