Cadet Program

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Redwood City Police Department Cadet Program

DSC_2015Cadet Barron

Since 1992, the Redwood City Police Department has been giving high school students and young adults an opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement through its Cadet Program. Cadets must volunteer at least ten hours of their time each month, as well as attend monthly meetings and training sessions. Working with sworn police officers at public events and assisting in various capacities throughout the Department helps the young people develop new leadership skills and explore many of the facets of public service while learning to stand on their own two feet. This program is nationally known as “Exploring Learning for Life” and is a part of the co-ed division of the Boy Scouts of America. Cadets assist with all of Redwood City’s major activities, including the annual 4th of July Parade and fireworks display, the yearly holiday Toy Drive, and numerous other community events. In addition to their volunteer efforts, they train year-round for their annual State Explorer Competition, where the team competes against groups from around the State in shooting, scenarios, and various leadership exercises. In recent years, the Cadet Program has grown into an award-winning group, gaining regional acknowledgments for their performance. Redwood City cadets, both young men and women, have sought careers in police work. 

One purpose of the Cadet Program is to strengthen relationships between the youth of the Redwood City and the Police Department. Yet the Program also strives to provide participants with direction and guidance to prepare for the responsibilities of becoming a successful adult.

To learn more, or to apply, please contact Officer Darren Schrum at or 650-780-7100



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