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Special Weapons And Tactics Team

005The Special Weapons and Tactics Team is the Department’s designated group of officers who are selected, trained, and equipped to work as a coordinated team to resolve critical incidents that are so hazardous, complex, or so unusual that they may exceed the capabilities of patrol officers or detectives. The goal of the SWAT Team is to resolve such incidents peacefully and minimize the danger to the public and to the responding officers. The SWAT Team is one of the most versatile and important assets available to the Department and members are afforded the opportunity to receive a wide variety of specialized training. SWAT Team members also form the core of the officers used provide tactical response training to patrol personnel and assist the Firearms Training Unit with providing advanced weapons handling training.

Description of Duties

  • Maintain a level of physical fitness necessary to effectively respond to tactical situations
  • Maintain a high level of proficiency and marksmanship with any assigned weapons
  • Respond to high risk tactical incidents on both a planned and call out basis
  • Provide tactical advice and expertise to other personnel outside the SWAT environment
  • Maintain and deploy specialized equipment issued to the SWAT Team, both in support of SWAT operations and other patrol functions
  • Maintain a high level of tactical proficiency and keep abreast of new developments in tactical training