Harassing Phone Calls

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Welcome to the Redwood City Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System. If you have been the victim of harassing calls and do not know the person who is calling, you can use this system to file a report.

This system will allow you to file an immediate online police report and print a copy of the report for free. After completing your report, you will be provided with a report number that is required by your phone service provider.

Upon completion of the report, please contact your phone service provider with the report number you receive at the end of this process. Your phone service provider's contact information is listed on your phone bill and they will need to give you instructions on how to proceed. However, you should also continue to keep a detailed record of any additional calls with the originating telephone number (if you have caller ID).

Only information blocks noted with a red asterisk * are mandatory. However, if you have an email address please enter it so you can be updated on the status of your report (email addresses are not used for any other purpose).

Go here to start a report.