Peninsula Clean Energy

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Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) is a community choice energy (CCE) program which allows Redwood City, along with the County and the other towns and cities in San Mateo County, to pool the electricity demands of our businesses and residents, purchase renewable power and reinvest in local infrastructure.

All customers are automatically enrolled in PCE’s “default” option during the program launch, starting in October 2016 and with a second phase of enrollments in April 2017. PCE’s “default” option, EcoPLUS, is both cleaner and cheaper than PG&E’s default product. Customers can choose to “opt up” to PCE’s 100% renewable option, ECO100, which is slightly more expensive than PG&E’s default product. Customers can also choose to “opt out” and return to PG&E.

For more information, visit the Peninsula Clean Energy website or call PCE directly at 1-866-966-0110.

For a calendar of PCE outreach events, go to


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