Solid Waste

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We are dedicated to providing effective solid waste collection to residents and businesses in Redwood City. Recology of San Mateo County is the City’s selected contractor to handle all solid waste collection for Redwood City. This includes collecting three bins: garbage, recyclables and organics, on collection day.

Here is a summary of helpful services offered by Recology:

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Pay My Bill

Although Recology collects your solid waste, you pay for the solid waste collection fee in your normal City of Redwood City utilities bill. You do not pay Recology separately. To view solid waste rates, visit the Current Rates page. For information about proposed 2019 solid waste rate increases, visit the Billing & Rates FAQ page.


Commercial Recycling & Organics

Due to AB 341 - Commercial Recycling and AB 1826 - Commercial Organics, if you are a commercial, business, or multifamily establishment and generate enough solid and organic waste, you may be required to have a recycling and/or organics program. Click here for more details.


Zero Waste Party Packs

*NEW* Zero Waste Party Packs are available now! Party Packs come with complete, reusable table settings for 24 people. Borrow a Party Pack from a volunteer host to make your next event waste-free. Call (650) 780-7472 for a list of hosts, to volunteer to host a party pack, or for more information about the program. 



Not sure what day trash is collected? Wondering if trash is collected on Thanksgiving? Visit the collection calendar to find out when Recology services you!


Waste Zero Program

Recology's Waste Zero Program will help you reduce your environmental impact. Visit Waste Zero for tips on how to prevent waste, save money, or get an audit for your waste stream.

Have you ever gone to throw something away, but didn't know which bin it should go in? WhatBin is a super helpful tool that solves this problem. Just follow the link and search the item, and it’ll tell you how to properly dispose of it! Or if you prefer, click here to view their disposal guide posters to help you figure out the correct bin.


Bulky & Special Item Disposal

Have a bedframe, couch or large appliance that is too bulky to fit in your cart? Schedule a free bulky item collection here. Other hard to recycle items, such as CDs, plastic bags, and bubble wrap cannot be accepted into the local recycling program. Visit Recology’s page to see how to dispose of them.


Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), such as batteries, motor oil, and medication must be disposed of separately. Visit Recology’s hazardous waste page for specifics or schedule a free drop off at the San Mateo County HHW Collection Facility. There are also disposal events in hosted Redwood City! Click here for more.

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Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic waste (E-Waste), such as computers and televisions, cannot be disposed of in your trashcan. Please visit Recology’s E-Waste page to find out what qualifies as E-Waste and how to properly dispose of it.