Frequently Asked Questions

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All problems can be reported directly to Public Works by clicking here or calling (650) 780-7464.

Creeks & Channels

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  • I witnessed someone dumping trash in the creek. What can be done about it?

  • I would like to know what can be done about rats in our creek.

  • We live adjacent to a concrete lined creek, who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the channel?

  • We live adjacent to a creek in Redwood City and we are concerned with mosquitoes, what should I do about them?

  • We live adjacent to a natural creek, is the City responsible for creek maintenance, including removal of fallen trees that can block the flow of water?

  • We noticed a foreign substance, i.e. liquid (other than debris or trash) in the creek and are concerned.

  • Where do I call to report a dead animal in a creek?

  • Where do I call to report algae growth, stagnant water or bad odors in the creek?

  • Who should I call to report graffiti on the walls of a concrete lined creek?

Redwood Shores Lagoon

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  • Is it legal for people to fish or gather bait in the Lagoons?

  • We have mosquitoes around the backyard and our boat dock.

  • Who is responsible for maintaining the water quality of the Redwood Shores Lagoon?

  • Why is the water level in the lagoon low in the winter months and higher in the summer months?

Storm Drains/Culverts/Catch Basins/Inlets/Siphons

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  • Does Redwood City maintain the catch basin in front of our home?

  • During heavy storms the catch basins seem to fill with water or leaves wash over the grates and clog them, what should I do?

  • How frequently should private catch basins and drains be cleaned?

  • The catch basin or siphon near my home is full of water and / or debris, and it smells, can I have something done about it?

  • The homeowners association where I live is interested in stenciling the catch basins and inlets in our development with either “No Dumping, Flows to the Bay” or “No Dumping, Flows to the Lagoon.” How do we get the stenciling done?

  • What are culverts, catch basins, inlets and siphons and how do they differ?

  • Who is responsible for maintaining catch basins and drains on private property?