Redwood Shores Lagoon

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The Redwood Shores area of Redwood City is located on the Redwood peninsula, north of downtown Redwood City. Levees ring this peninsula, since the ground elevations are below that of high tides. Within the interior of the Redwood Peninsula lies Redwood Shores Lagoon.

The lagoon is a focal point of the housing and retail development in Redwood Shores, and provides visual aesthetics, unique aquatic habitat, and recreation activities (boating, swimming, and windsurfing). The lagoon also serves as a storm water retention pond, storing surface runoff during periods of high tide in San Francisco Bay. The City manages the overall operation and maintenance of the lagoon, in cooperation with county, state, and federal oversight agencies.

Recreation Safety

While the Redwood Shores lagoon functions as a stormwater retention pond, it also provides a beautiful backdrop to the homes there, and offers residents numerous recreational opportunities:

  • Boating on the lagoon is available for residents only and/or by permission of the Redwood Shores Community Association; no gas powered boats are allowed.
  • Swimming is allowed, but at your own risk. Be watchful for notices of "crew" and rowing team practices and meets.
  • Fishing is allowed only with a State Fish and Wildlife permit; restrictions by homeowners associations may be in place; no fishing is allowed from City parks, including the following parks:

Redwood Shores Lagoon Management Plan - The San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board provides guidelines for the responsible management of lagoons. The Redwood Shores Lagoon Management Plan serves as an operations manual and provides standards for informing the Board about protection of the lagoon and contiguous waters.

Redwood Shores Lagoon Bank Policy - The Redwood Shores Lagoon Bank Policy and Construction Guidelines is a set of policies to help foster the long-term health and vitality of the lagoon, the value of the adjacent properties, and the overall attraction and beauty that makes Redwood Shores such a unique place.


Water Quality Testing Reports

The City's Community Development and Public Works Departments are responsible for maintaining the water quality of the waterway under the regulatory authority of the Regional Water Board. Water quality is maintained by applying pesticide treatments to algae blooms and widgeon grass, as well as by mechanical harvesting of widgeon grass. Aquatic herbicide treatment in 2017 started in April.

Redwood City performs water quality monitoring of the Redwood Shores Lagoon and produces monthly Water Quality Testing Reports. These reports have been included below. You can also view the Annual State Report.

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Here are links to two associations active in Redwood Shores and with an interest in the protection of the lagoon, as well as to a County agency involved in preventing water pollution.

Redwood Shores Lagoon FAQ

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  • We have mosquitoes around the backyard and our boat dock.

  • Who do I contact to schedule and / or get permission to hold an event on the Redwood Shores Lagoon?

  • Who is responsible for maintaining the water quality of the Redwood Shores Lagoon?

  • Why is the water level in the lagoon low in the winter months and higher in the summer months?