Electric Vehicles

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Promoting electric vehicles (EV) is another way Public Works contributes to environmental savings. Since 2015, over 13 EV charging stations have been installed around Redwood City to facilitate EV usage. See below for instructions on how to find and use EV charging stations.

Step 1 - Get a ChargePoint Card

To pay for access to EV charging stations, drivers must join the ChargePoint network, apply for a free ChargePoint card, and deposit a minimum of $25 to pay for future EV charging sessions. For more information or to register, visit www.chargepoint.com/join or call 1-888-758-4389. ChargePoint recommends using their mobile app that provides helpful information and notifications.

Step 2 - Find a Charging Station

Location Address Level I/II (240V) Level III (500V)
Jefferson Ave. Garage 830 Jefferson Ave.  2 Stations 0 Stations
Marshall St. Garage 750 Marshall St. 2 Stations
1 Station
Red Morton Community Center 1120 Roosevelt Ave.
2 Stations 0 Stations
Main Library 1044 Middlefield Road
1 Station 0 Stations
Downtown Cinema 850 Middlefield Road 2 Stations 0 Stations
Redwood Shores Library 399 Marine Parkway 3 Stations 1 Station

You can also view the map below to find a charging station near you.

Step 3 - Charge Your Car

Use your ChargePoint card to charge your car at the station. For instructions on how to use your ChargePoint card, click here. See below for helpful charging information and tips.

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Hourly Rate

Click here to view a diagram of the chargers.

Level I/II $2.00/Hour
Level III $5.00/Hour
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Time Restriction

There is a time limit of 4 hours for EV parking spaces. This is to allow everyone to have a fair opportunity to use the charging stations.

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Be Courteous

Here are a few ways you can be courteous in your use of the EV charging stations:

  • DON'T charge for too long. Instead, let others use the station when you are done.
  • DON'T park if you're not charging.
  • DON'T unplug other EV drivers.

My Charging Station is Busy!

If the EV charging station you wish to use is occupied, use the ChargePoint mobile app to find a nearby station. The app contains a map of all nearby locations, and whether or not they are currently occupied.


Please call Public Works at (650) 780-7464 or view the Electric Vehicle FAQ Below.

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