Water Conservation

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Redwood City's Conservation Efforts

Thank you Redwood City! You led the effort in water savings, reaching an astounding 23% reduction in consumption in 2015, and 20% reduction in 2016 compared to 2013's water consumption. Here are some ways the City has reduced its water consumption too:

  • Parks irrigation is managed from a centralized location. A system checks and updates watering times.
  • Smart meters monitor water consumption and alert us of potential leaks.
  • Inefficient spray pop-up sprinklers have been replaced with high efficiency rotating sprinklers.
  • Thousands of square feet of lawn have been converted to native, drought tolerant landscaping.
  • Recycled water is used for landscape irrigation wherever possible.
  • Grass athletic fields have been converted to synthetic turf, saving 8 million gallons of water each year.

By the Numbers


2017 Drought Update

On April 7, 2017, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. ended the drought State of Emergency in most of California (including Redwood City), while maintaining water reporting requirements and prohibitions on wasteful practices. As we move forward it is important to remember to use water wisely and help California Make Water Conservation a Way of Life.

For more information visit the State Water Resource Control Board's Emergency Regulations Page