You Can Save Water Every Day!

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Four Steps of Water Conservation

Saving water every day isn't hard. Interact with the banner above to see 12 Tips On How To Save Water and view four more tips below. You can also visit for more ways to conserve water.


Plant Drought-Resistant Plants

Lawns are water-intensive. You can save a lot of water by switching from a lawn to a drought resistant landscape. You can even get a rebate for doing this! Visit Water Conservation Programs for more details. For more tips on water-efficient landscapes, visit

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Be Mindful When You Water

Watering only at night and/or installing drip irrigation can save you thousands of gallons per year. If you notice that your sprinklers are leaking or watering the sidewalk, get them repaired or receive FREE sprinkler heads here. Check out this pamphlet or click here for more tips.


Install Efficient Appliances

Having water efficient appliances is another great way to save water! This includes shower heads, toilets, washers, and faucets. See how you can upgrade for FREE or receive additional benefits at Water Conservation Programs. Public Works also offers a free home water usage evaluation.


Small Things Add Up

When it comes to water, the small things you do to save water really add up! You can take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing, and only wash full loads of laundry or dishes. Also, consider reusing indoor water to water your plants! Visit for more tips on saving water.

Prohibited Watering

Below are prohibited water uses. This significantly reduces the use of water for non-essential uses.

 1) Watering landscape during and 48 hours after rain,                                                                           

 2) Hosing off sidewalks and driveways,                                                                                             

 3) Washing cars without a shut-off nozzle,                                                                                           

 4) Non-recirculated water in a decorative water feature, and                                                                

 5) Irrigating in a manner that causes runoff.