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All cross connection fees from the City are appended once annually to your Redwood City utilities bill. These fees may include:

For operational wells:

  • Backflow registration fee (one time).
  • Annual Test Result/Record Filing.
  • Annual operational backflow testing (if administered through Public Works).

Or for non-operational wells:

  • Annual non-operational well inspection.

For more details on fees, including current rates, please view the master fee schedule.

Why does the customer have to pay for, install, and maintain the backflow assembly?

The actual or potential cross connection belongs to the property owner and not to regulatory officials or the City. Once the water goes beyond the City's meter, water quality could be altered, and neither the City nor the residents want this water back in the public system. Since a backflow assembly is necessary to keep the water safe, the property owner who created the actual or potential cross connection should purchase, install, and maintain the backflow assembly as a condition of service.

Why are there fees involved in the inspection and testing of backflow assemblies?

The fees are utilized to fund the City's Cross Connection Program, which is designed to protect the public water supply against hazards such as contamination or pollution that may occur because of an undiscovered or unauthorized cross connection on a customer's system.