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City Council

The City Council consists of seven members, and is the governing body elected directly by the residents of Redwood City. As the legislative branch of our local government, the Council makes final decisions on all major city matters, and sets city-wide priorities and policies. The Council directs the City Manager to implement these priorities and policies.

The Council adopts ordinances and resolutions necessary for efficient governmental operations, approves the budget, and acts as a board of appeals. It appoints the City Manager, City Attorney, and City Clerk, as well as the members of the City's advisory boards, commissions, and committees.

The City Council meets regularly on two Mondays of each month, and may call additional special sessions, as well as both “standing” and “ad hoc” committee meetings.

Section 10 of the City Charter provides that "all powers granted to and vested in Redwood City by law or provisions of this Charter shall, except as herein otherwise provided be exercised by the Council, to be designated the 'Council of Redwood City.' The Council shall be the governing body of the City and, subject to the express limitations of this Charter, shall be vested with all the powers necessary or convenient for a complete and adequate system of municipal government, consistent with the constitution of the State, including all powers now or hereafter granted by general law to councils or boards of trustees of municipalities."



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