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Redwood City has strong, involved neighborhoods that frequently participate in making our community a better place. From the Farm Hill Road area to Redwood Shores; Friendly Acres to Downtown; or Woodside Plaza to Roosevelt, our neighborhoods reflect the diversity, strength, and character of the City.

Some areas have their own organized neighborhood associations, affiliated with and recognized by the City, which meet periodically to discuss issues affecting their homes, streets, and services (homeowners associations, by contrast, are organized to manage a neighborhood's common, private areas or for other purposes).

Other neighborhoods are not organized into associations, but still maintain a relationship with the City and work with staff to solve problems they may be experiencing. Either way, Redwood City is committed to strong, safe, and vibrant neighborhoods and urges everyone to get involved with their association, or take on issues themselves and make the commitment to get others organized.

All neighborhoods are now part of their own geographic-based online community, which residents are encouraged to join. It's called Nextdoor - a free, secure, easy-to-use geographic-based neighbor-to-neighbor networking site that builds community by helping neighbors connect with neighbors in a friendly, safe, active, and fun online environment. It's where Redwood City neighbors can meet daily, find recommended local businesses, share information, ask and answer questions of each other, get updated on City and community issues, post events and activities, and more.   

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See the links below for information you can use in your neighborhood.