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The City's motto is “Building a Great Community Together” and this long-standing community-driven vision is the basis for the strong belief that collaborating with residents is key to evolving with the changing needs of the community, obtaining innovative ideas and enhancing Redwood City’s quality of life.

The City Council recognizes that our neighborhoods are the lifeblood of the community, contributing to Redwood City’s distinct and diverse character. Through our Neighborhood Associations, the City works to address each neighborhood’s unique needs and to maintain Redwood City’s small town charm. 

Over the last year, the City has taken initial steps to reinvigorate its Neighborhood Associations by meeting with its Neighborhood Association leadership, establishing a new Neighborhood Watch model, and updating its Neighborhood Association map. The new map expands Neighborhood Associations from eleven to seventeen to better respond to the changing needs of the community by adding new neighborhoods including Downtown and Bair Island. The new Neighborhood Association map aligns with natural community boundaries and neighborhood characteristics and seeks to recognize and blend a number of existing multiple maps, including the General Plan neighborhood map, the previous Neighborhood Association map, and the Nextdoor neighborhood map.    

In addition, by revitalizing these Neighborhood Associations, the City is working to address one of its top priorities -- increasing community engagement. We encourage community members to take a look at the new map, share with other neighbors, sign-up for your new Neighborhood Association, and get involved in City conversations taking place. Neighborhood Associations are an important way for the community to partner with the City as we work to “Build a Great Community Together!” 

If you are interested in being a leader for your neighborhood organization or have questions contact Alex Khojikian, Deputy City Manager, at 650-780-7300 or

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Helpful Resources

The Neighborhood Association Toolkit for Success!

Neighborhood Association Map PDF


Redwood City works with a number of neighborhood associations – these are community-based voluntary groups of residents in a particular neighborhood or area that meet periodically to discuss and work with the City on neighborhood and community issues. These City-affiliated neighborhood associations are not to be confused with homeowners associations (HOAs) which are organized to manage their own privately-owned developments.