Redwood City Conversations

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Redwood City Conversations Update

Nearly 300 residents and business owners recently took part in one of eight Redwood City Conversations events, from facilitated discussions to drop-in post-it parties. During the events, which were initiated by community member Warren Dale, the community shared their “likes,” hopes and concerns about the city’s future.

Here are the recurring themes shared by the community members participating in the Redwood City Conversations:

  • Expand affordable housing programs
  • Expand traffic improvement programs, and expand multi-modal transportation options
  • Expand pedestrian and bike safety programs
  • Expand and improve parking
  • Expand community building and engagement  programs, maintaining small-town feel and ensuring inclusiveness
  • Preserve historic character where possible in downtown developments
  • Take a balanced approach to growth and infrastructure enhancements
  • Expand opportunities for open communication with government to factor in more community input in City decisions
  • Expand retail opportunities downtown
  • Expand City parks and public spaces for community enjoyment and multipurpose uses

Redwood City Conversations events were held October 2016 to January 2017:

  • Kickoff Red Morton Park Post-It Party: Oct 22, 2016                                                   
  • Fox Forum World Café:  Nov. 12, 2016                                                             
  • Fair Oaks Community Center: Dec 9, 2016      
  • Redwood Shores Post-It Party: Dec 10, 2016
  • Sequoia High School: Dec. 16, 2016                 
  • Fair Oaks Community Center World Café:  Jan 21, 2017                                            
  • Veterans Memorial Center: Jan 25, 2017                                            
  • Redwood Shore World Café:  Jan 28, 2017

Those who couldn’t attend provided online feedback. To see the full list of comments from all the events, click here

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Next Steps

The City Council received all of the feedback provided at the Redwood City Conversations events. Comments shared will help shape City activities now and into the future.