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12th Annual Redwood City Salsa Festival

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Downtown Redwood City

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Salsa Stage - Courthouse Square

12:00pm Edgardo Cambon y Candela 
2:00pm Carlos Xavier y Su Orquestra
4:00pm Jesus Diaz y Su QBA  
6:00pm Salsa Tasting Winners Announced
6:15pm Orquestra Taino 

Latin Jazz Stage

1:00pm Kat Parra Latin / World Ensemble
3:00pm Orquesta Dharma

John Calloway with the Latin 7 

Reggae Stage
12:00pm THRIVE! 
2:30pm Native Elements 
Jefferson Avenue
12:00-5:00pm Salsa Tasting Competition - Public Tasting
Hamilton Street
12:00-6:00pm Micro Brew Tasting
12:00-6:00pm Tequila Tasting
Middlefield Road
12:00-6:00pm Kid Zone



edgardoEdgardo Cambon y Candela

“Edgardo y Candela” is a Salsa group based in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 30 years, making them one of the most established Salsa Orchestras in California. The instrumentation is piano, bass, trombone, sax, flute, guitar, conga drums, bongo drums, timbales, and vocalists. Better known as simply “Candela,” their trademark is their high energy level performance, featuring great vocals, a tight rhythm section and the powerful sound of the horns. The band features the crop of professional musicians in the Bay Area, which makes for an incredible musical experience at every show! 


The word Candela has many related meanings in Spanish: candle, fire, measurement unit for luminosity, it's also often used to describe a hot-tempered character or to compliment someone's good looks, but most significantly, in the old days drummers would light a small fire by the street curve, to heat up and thus tune their congas and other types of hand drums: "Darle Candela al Tambor" ("Set the drums on fire"). The name Candela has described very well the energy and intensity of this great San Francisco Bay Area Salsa band's live performances for over three decades.


CarlosXavierCarlos Xavier y Su Orquestra

Carlos Xavier is a Bay Area vocalist, raised in the Salsa music scene, who has been singing in nightclubs for over fifteen years. He draws influence from the music of his upbringing; urban hip-hop, R&B, and rock, and combines them with the affluent Latin rhythms. His roots in the Latin power vocal style produce warm, beautiful tones as he exhales his melodies. Carlos engages his audience with his pure, passionate vocals. Backed by his band and his years of musical experience Carlos is able rise up and shine. His music has taken his groups all over the world. He has played with Los Mocosos at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Australia as well as throughout the Caribbean as a cruise ship entertainer.


His sound is very identifiable to the Latin American community as it draws from Latin Balada roots and meshes them with the rock and pop. His melodies are expressed through his passionate lyrics and his desire to reach people’s souls. Carlos Xavier is his name and singing is his game!


JesusDiazJesus Diaz y Su QBA

Cuban born percussionist and vocalist Jesus Diaz arrived in the United States from Habana in 1980. He quickly identified the Bay Area music scene as the grounds to establish his new home. His local and worldwide performances in collaboration with world-renowned and acclaimed artists are recognized for their contributions to the richness of an ever-expanding musical genre.

A multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and vocalist, Díaz has established himself as one of the most in-demand performers and studio musicians worldwide. Jesus Diaz has performed, toured or recorded with such artists as, Stevie Wonder, The Dave Mathews Band (DMB), Carlos Santana, Andy Narrell, Dizzy Gillespie, Bobbie Womack, Steve Coleman, Caribbean Jazz Project, Planet Drum, Talking Drums, Pete Escovedo / Sheila E, José Luis Quintana "Changuito", Giovanni Hidalgo, Rebecca Mauleón & Round Trip, Omar Sosa, Columna "B", John Calloway, and Conjunto Céspedes, among many others. As an educator, he has participated in several prominent clinics and workshops including Berklee College of Music, SFJAZZ, Stanford Jazz Workshop, Drummers Collective NY, and Jazz Camp West to name a few.



TainoOrquesta Taino

Orquesta Taino (Tah-ee-no) is a Latin Dance band specializing in music from the islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, as well as Central and South America. Some of the genres performed include Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Cumbia, Bachata, Merengue among others. While most of the music is in Spanish, there are also several English songs in the repertoire. 

The band began as a project to deliver salsa and Latin jazz in August of 2010. Inspired by bands and individuals such as Ray Barretto, Tito Rodriguez, Tito Puente, Machito, Willie Rosario, Bobby Valentin, Manny Oquendo y Libre, Eddie Palmieri, and many others, Orquesta Taino has developed into one of the most solid, hard-hitting Salsa bands in the area. With a strong vocal section, swinging rhythm section, and a blazing horn section that will make you move, Orquesta Taino brings you a musical masterpiece that you won't soon forget. Prepare yourselves!


kat-parra-243-2r3Kat Parra Latin/World Ensemble

Kat Parra is an award-winning vocalist, composer and bandleader who has released five critically acclaimed CDs. She has performed in Amsterdam, Brazil and Mexico as well as top-tier venues throughout the United States, earned the designation “Best Latin Jazz Vocalist of 2008 and 2010” by Latin Jazz Corner, and received a 2008 nomination for “Latin Jazz Album of the Year” from the Jazz Journalists Association. In addition to singing fluently in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Parra has the rare ability to sing in the dying language of Ladino, or Judeo-Espanyol, which enables her to faithfully interpret Sephardic music (Music of the Spanish Jews).


Parra has leaped beyond the boundaries of the typical Latin jazz singer. With her thirst for the exploration of myriad world rhythms and tonalities, she has developed a style of music that encompasses sounds that transcend and bend the stereotypical definition of Latin jazz. She has incorporated not only Afro-Cuban music, but also Afro-Peruvian, Middle Eastern, South American folklore, and Nueva Trova. With this multi-lingual and multi-musical approach, Parra is able to captivate her audiences with exciting and vibrant World and Latin music.


DharmaOrquesta Dharma

Grammy-winning trombonist Jamie Dubberly formed Orquesta Dharma in 2008 originally as a studio project to record some original Afro-Cuban jazz material he had written and arranged. Since then the group has released two critically successful albums and has performed live to enthusiastic audiences all over the California Bay Area, and central California. 


The group’s debut album “Road Warrior” ( 2011), won the Latin Jazz Corner’s “next-generation album of the year”, and appeared in Latin Beat Magazine’s top 10 albums of the year, as well as appearing on the salsa charts in Cali, Colombia, and in New York City for their take on Eddie Palmieri’s “Vamanos Pa’l Monte”. Their current release, “La Clave del Gumbo” (2014), is a fusion of New Orleans style brass band and soul music, with Afro-Cuban jazz and salsa, and has received critical acclaim, reaching the CMJ and JazzWeek charts and peaking at #2 on the NYC based salsa charts (NewGenSalsa) with their version of the iconic salsa dura classic “La Esencia del Guaguanco”.  Music from this album has been featured on Sirius/XM satellite radio, the syndicated jazz radio show “Jazz after Hours”, and was broadcast to millions of listeners as part of a “sports and music spotlight” segment for Sports ByLine USA in 2015. 


john-callowayJohn Calloway with the Latin 7

John’s lineup of musicians includes both veterans and newcomers to the Latin jazz scene in the Bay Area. They will perform a wide variety of Caribbean and Latin based jazz music that is both danceable and for your listening enjoyment. 


John Calloway is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger who has over 40 years of experience as a professional musician. He has performed with renowned jazz artists Israel Cachao Lopez, Max Roach, and Omar Sosa. In the San Francisco Bay Area, John has built a solid foundation as a performer/arranger leading his own ensembles and projects as well as collaborations with John Santos, Marcus Shelby, Wayne Wallace, and many others.



The band Thrive was formed under the Redwoods of Mendocino County, in Northern CA, in 2008. Songwriters Aaron Borowitz and Kenneth Rogers joined forces, in order to create music that they love with an emphasis on conscious lyrical content. Currently Thrive is knee-deep into the post-production of their most anticipated release, “Be Love”. Their new album will be a reflection of everything the group has learned in the past decade of nonstop musical adventures.


NativeElementsNative Elements

San Francisco powerhouse, Native Elements has been keeping the energetic, feel-good reggae tradition alive in the Bay Area for over 20 years. Comprised of 10 seasoned musicians with decades of experience in rock, metal, blues, jazz, R&B, and hip-hop, this eclectic and fearless crew meld their unique influences into a contemporary, melodic horn-driven party taking their listeners through improvisational peaks and valleys from blazing guitar to soaring saxophone wails. Having grown up together since elementary school, playing in garage bands and skateboarding, Native Elements bring a uniquely warm experience to the stage that is both entertaining and uplifting...Fun for all!!

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