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Become a Vendor at one of our Special Events!

Step right up and become a vendor at one of our many special events in Redwood City!  We have options for food vendors (no food trucks please), handmade crafts and commercial vendors. Each event has its own unique application. See below to download the forms and apply.

All applications are subject to approval and are not guaranteed a space at our events.

Vendor Types

Food Vendors

The Food Seller area is specifically for vendors that sell food products, either packaged or freshly made.

Handmade Crafts Vendor

The Authentic Craft Vendor area is for seller created original items only. No buy and resale allowed.

Business Vendors

This Vendor area is for any business to display their business or sell products.

Event Applications 2019

We are excited to launch our new vendor portal. You can apply, pay, and find out more about our available events all in one place.