Zoppé Italian Family Circus

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October 12 - November 4, 2018
Matinee & Evening Showtimes
Circus Tent: Red Morton Park
1455 Madison Ave. Redwood City (map)

Founded in Venice, Italy in 1842, the Zoppé Italian Family Circus has been entertaining audiences for seven generations with its enchanting exhibition of European circus. For its 11th year in Redwood City, the circus brings live performances from October 12th through November 4th for spectacular shows that will enthrall the entire family!

The Zoppé Family Circus welcomes guests into an authentic one-ring circus tent, which honors the best history of the Old-World Italian tradition. Starring Nino the clown, and featuring his son Julien, the circus is propelled by a central story (as opposed to individual acts) that showcases acrobatic feats, equestrian showmanship, canine capers, clowning and plenty of audience participation. The Circus evokes something from a picture book: the clown, the trapeze, the dancing dogs, the ring and the tent, created to be reminiscent of the one-ring European family circuses of the last century and will thrill and amaze children and adults alike with its breathtaking stunts and astonishing acrobatics.

Nino-Close-HaySixth generation circus performer Giovanni Zoppé traces the beginning of performance art to the circus arts, with its humble beginnings in street clowns and jugglers. “The circus is antique,” he says, “it’s history.” In his case, it’s something more. It’s family history. Still, the show’s storyline and acts change every year, so no worries if you saw a prior Redwood City date. While based in history and tradition, this year's show features exciting new acts such as the acrobatic family Los Rios, the hair-raising Chinese Pole act of Duo Straight Up, the new “Russia Swing” of La Familia Sanchez, and the powerful aerial stunts of Lyra, along with the many other classic favorites.


The Circus Tent has a home in beautiful Red Morton Park, specifically 1455 Madison Ave. There are multiple parking lots distributed around the park and it is an easy stroll to the tent. On your stroll, see why Red Morton Park was voted Bay Area Parent Magazines “Family Favorite” park of 2013 with its multiple sports fields perfect for lounging, flower gardens, and kid's playground.

The Zoppé Family Circus is a once-a-year event not to be missed, so get your tickets early!

New Acts for 2018

Zoppe-Circus-losriosLos Rios

Jamie Diana Suarez, a Mexican American 6th generation circus artist, and Samer Solis have born into the circus world 2 beautiful daughters to follow the traditions they hold dear. Six-year-old Alexa loves performing with her parents and uncles in the circus. Together, with featured jumper, Carlos Rios and his wife Catherine Poema Rios, the Rios troupe, all the way from Guadalajara Mexico, showcase their mastery of balance and timing upon the trampoline under the beautiful tent of the Zoppè Family Circus.

Zoppe-Circus-Cathrine--squareCatherine Hanneford Poema Rios - Lyra

An 8th generation circus performer, Catherine comes from two distinct circus families in Europe and Argentina. Since the age of two she has been performing alongside her family as they mastered acrobatic acts and displayed equestrian horsemanship. Following in the footsteps of her late grandmother, Struppi Hanneford, Catherine both soothes and amazes the crowd with her elegantly powerful aerial stunts. Watch as she effortlessly ascends into the air upon the lyra trapeze and captivates the audience.

Zoppe-Circus-Chinese-PoleDuo2Duo Straight Up

Rachel Randell and Nick Lowery have been charming audiences together since 2014 in the States, Mexico, and Canada with their duo Chinese Pole act.  While doing freelance dance and choreography Rachel discovered circus arts with Professor Bud’s Mini-Circus, a youth troupe in the Yakima Valley of Washington State. Nick began his sideways stumble into the world of circus while studying mathematics at Oberlin College. After degree completion, he found his way to coaching at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA), where he happily met Rachel, who was coaching circus arts. Duo Straight up performs on the Chinese Pole, an austere and difficult apparatus. Duo Straight Up has electric performance chemistry and audiences will gasp at their display of enormous strength and surprising tricks.

Zoppe-sanchezLa FamiliSanchez

Osbaldo Sanchez has been performing in the circus for 37 years. Everything he knows about the circus was taught to him by Nanucho, an Argentinian man who was like a grandfather to him. This year he has created a Russian Swing and turned the reins over to his sons, Owen and Chiqui. An act beginning just before the 1900s, the Russian Swing propels acrobats astonishingly high, giving them enough altitude to perform a series of flips and twists before being caught in fabric by the strength of their fellow circus artists.