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Zoppe Circus Nino

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La Nonna

October 11 - November 3, 2019
Matinee & Evening Showtimes
Circus Tent: Red Morton Park
1455 Madison Ave. Redwood City (map)

The Zoppé Italian Family Circus welcomes guests into an authentic one-ring circus tent, in Red Morton Park in Redwood City from October 11th through November 3rd for matinee and evening showtimes. For 2019, Zoppé brings a special show honoring women... La Nonna (Grandmother in Italian). This one-ring circus honors the best history of the Old-World Italian tradition and stars Nino the Clown, along with many other thrilling, mostly women-based acts.

History. History is made in moments like these. La Nonna is a special tribute to a past Zoppé matriarch who kept the show alive during the great depression with her tenacity and perseverance. La Nonna celebrates the POWER, BEAUTY, and ELEGANCE of women with a predominately female company of artists. This is a historic show for the greater circus community. Zoppé is at the forefront of what circus has to offer humanity, while pointedly keeping in touch with true circus tradition.


177 years and seven generations of the Zoppé Family uphold the love and fun of their uniquely intimate show. Though they've born the perception of accessory, women have always been integral to the circus. Zoppé will premier groundbreaking all-female troupes in, until now, male-dominated disciplines. These empowered women will show you that femininity embodies each point along the spectrum between softness and power, often simultaneously.

Come. Find out for yourself why this circus is historic. Feel the drum of the horse's hooves thunder through your body as the first-ever all-female Cossack act rides around the ring. Hold your breath as our trapeze troupe display impeccable timing, graceful strength, and sheer bravery. Everyone is welcome inside this tent that is impressively put up and taken down every location with loads of hard labor and a raucous good time. The Zoppé family shares its home and story with you as you enter into the Big Top. Everyone leaves with a smile, warm heart, and their own story to discover and tell. This is not an experience to be missed.

The Circus Tent has a home in beautiful Red Morton Park, specifically 1455 Madison Ave. Multiple parking lots surround the park, with an easy stroll to the tent. On your stroll, see why Red Morton Park was voted Bay Area Parent Magazines “Family Favorite” park of 2013 with its multiple sports fields perfect for lounging, flower gardens, and kid's playground.

The Zoppé Family Circus is a once-a-year event not to be missed, so get your tickets early!

New Acts for 2019


Aimee Klien - Ringmistress

Musician, actress, and composer Aimee Klein is excited to make her debut as Ringmistress with her alter-ego, Natasha Vodkavitch.

She is also the writer and producer of several sketch comedy shows with her company, Aimee Klein's Skits & Tomfoolery Co., in which Natasha Vodkavitch has infiltrated several times with her wacky songs.

"One of my biggest joys is to make people laugh and to help them embrace the absurdities of life!"


Zingara Riders - Cossack Riding

Originating from warfare battle tactics, Cossack riding is simply stated: stunt work on a galloping horse and is historically viewed as a male-dominated discipline. The name Cossack derives from the Turkic word "kazak", which means  "adventurer". These well-rounded horsewomen are the very definition of “kazak”, performing tricks at top speeds on an unpredictable animal has given Cossack riding the title of one of the most dangerous acts in the circus. Zingara Riders elegantly demonstrate their equestrian prowess around the ring with bravery and hard-fought dexterity.


Mongolian Circus - Contortionists 

Contortion is one of the precious and rare cultural heritage of the nomadic Mongolians. A form of traditional art created to display the beauty of the human body, it is based on the flexibility of Mongolian women going through various breathtakingly dramatic bending, folding and flexing positions, all of which involve Mongolian traditional dance elements. The main characteristic describes and imitates the pattern and ornaments of Mongolian fine arts. The patterns of the Mongol nations is to enact flexible movements showing the serene nature of Mongolian women through calm tranquil movement. 


Molly Plunk- Tightwire

Molly Plunk has always dreamed of joining Zoppé Circus. She hails from a farming community in central Illinois and has a strong passion for tradition and folk art. Dating back to Ancient Greece, tightrope walking has been a staple of entertainers since the 14th century. Her own wire dancing act is an expression of this passion and history.

Molly wraps the strength and balance necessary to perform what is known by some as the first aerial art in a blanket of beauty and joy.  Juggling complex challenges of perception and motor control, Molly dances an Irish jig as she bounds gracefully across the wire, invoking the spirit of her ancestors.


Carmen Rosales - Juggling

Mexico-born Carmen Rosales, mother of five, is a lifelong circus performer. On the La Nonna tour, Carmen juggles with her husband and three of her sons; Jaret and twins Jonary and Jonathan. Science has studied and attempted to robotically replicate juggling which relies on a combination of vision, feel and memory. The Rosales Family smoothly display meticulous timing and remarkable coordination in their five-member juggling act, a reminder of what humanity is capable of. 


Santos - Trapeze 

Beginning in 1859, the trapeze has been an astonishing spectacle of human choreography, courage, and strength.  We welcome back the Santos Family a unique troupe of female-only flyers. This giant pendulum requires precision and these talented acrobats swing high up in the big top. After becoming airborne they fly gracefully and terrifyingly through the air only to be caught by another trapeze just as their flight starts its descent.      

Now introducing the youngest members of their family to the show in a brand new and never before seen Perch Pole act. The amazing 6-year-old twins Alice and Elise Santos complete this elegant and hard-working troupe.

More About The Zoppé Circus

CourtesyofZoppe-dogsThe Zoppé Family Circus has an amazing, unique story. The Zoppè Family Circus emerged 177 years ago to become one of the legendary circuses in all of Europe. And like many good legends, it begins with a boy and a girl falling in love.

Napoleone Zoppè began his career in Budapest, Hungary where he met a ballerina named Ermenglida and founded a circus in Venice, Italy which still bears their name today.

Alberto Zoppè, Napoleone's great-grandson, inherited the circus, a grand equestrian in his own right. Alberto toured Europe with the circus since his youth and forged a friendship with famed actor/director Orson Welles. Alberto was then offered a job by John Ringling North of Ringling Brothers fame, who was putting together the circus acts for Cecil B. Demille's Oscar-winning film, The Greatest Show on Earth.

Alberto would remain in America and together with his wife Sandra, he has ushered in a new generation to continue the family tradition. His son, Giovanni revived the Zoppè Family Circus six years ago and has since been building its reputation with audiences and critics as an enchanting exhibition of traditional European circus. Giovanni is grateful for his family keeping the tradition alive, especially his father who performed with the circus into his eighties and managed to wow the crowd every time he stepped into the ring.

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