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Public Works is dedicated to providing water services to over 25,000 customers in Redwood City. Please explore the links above for more information, or log in to MyWater to view important statistics about your water usage.

Urban Water Management Plan

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2015 Urban Water Management Plan

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2015 UWMP Appendices

In 1983, the California Legislature enacted the Urban Water Management Planning (UWMP) Act (California Water Code Sections 10610-10657). The UWMP Act states that every urban water supplier that provides over 3,000 acre-feet of water annually or provides water to 3,000 or more customers should adequately meet the needs of its customers even during normal, dry, and multiple dry years. It requires urban water suppliers to update their Urban Water Management Plan for submittal to the Department of Water Resources (DWR) in years ending in five and zero.

The UWMP is one component of the City’s broader planning process, and it is not a singular driver for community policy making. It sets policy direction for securing and protecting our water supply now and into the future and provides a summary of a variety of water resource policy and planning issues—water supply and demand, reliability, conservation and recycling.