Immigrant Services & Resources

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Services Offered to the Immigrant Community

Redwood City recently became a “Welcoming City,” a national designation by Welcoming America which honors communities that embrace inclusiveness and mutual respect for everyone. This designation reaffirms the City’s established philosophy and commitment to enhancing its cultural fabric by supporting and celebrating its multi-ethnic diversity. Many of our programs -- from parks, recreation and community service activities to the community center and library services -- aim to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible for all residents, including newcomers and immigrants.

The City of Redwood City’s long-standing motto “Building a Great Community Together” is based on the belief that having an inclusive community is critical to our overall prosperity and cultural enrichment. This means that the City is committed to fostering input and opportunities from everyone, from artistic and cultural expression to business development. 

In keeping with this philosophy, the City of Redwood City Police Department and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office do not actively participate in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, which are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Find out more about Redwood City’s immigration policy in this statement here (Spanish translation here) and about the County’s policy in this video.


Below are some of the programs/services provided by the City and its partners that serve a significant percentage of the immigrant population (not necessarily exclusively).

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